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Are you the founder of a new grocery brand?

here.If you're like most early-stage founders of consumer packaged goods brands, then you know how hard it is to launch and grow a new brand. 

Since you started your journey, you know what it's like to worry about the following:

  • Have I got my product, packaging and messaging right? 
  • Am I charging the right price?
  • Who's most likely to buy my products? 
  • Which sales channels should I focus on first?
  • How do I get buyers/customers to talk to me?
  • How do I sell my the opportunity to them once they do?
  • Should I consider exporting now or later?
  • How do I work out my sales forecasts?
  • What should my marketing plan look like?

You may be tired of how long it takes to get things done, and maybe even tired of making mistakes that cost money and time. You wish you knew what pitfalls to avoid with agencies, advertising and consultants, with co-manufacturers, retailers and hiring your first employees. 

If this sounds familiar, then I'd love to invite you to join us in Brand Growth Bootcamp 2022/23, a group programme for early-stage founders of grocery brands.

With 25 years experience working for some of the worlds greatest brands and across tens of different categories, I have thousands of tips, secrets and hacks from my own lived experience that I have packaged up to share with you through Brand Growth Bootcamp. You can learn more about me here.

The Brand Growth Bootcamp programme costs £49/month (cancel at any time), which is the equivalent of only £11 per week.  For this you get:

  • 12 LIVE zoom monthly 'Growth Masterclasses' with a LIVE Q&A with me, focused around topics that are key to growing your brand profitably, but often difficult to understand. You won't see these topics covered in the same way elsewhere! 
  • If you can't make it live, you'll get a video recording of the masterclass + PDF worksheets in your online library, hosted on a professional online learning platform. 

The agenda for the next 6 months includes:

Month 1: Unlocking Commercial Growth by Understanding your Consumer MORE DEEPLY

Month 2: How to size the Commercial Opportunity

Month 3 :What Makes a Winning Brand?

Month 4: Marketing Strategy & Planning

Month 5: The Elements of a Winning Brand 'Deck'

Month 6: Should I be Seeking Investment?

Month 7: Scaling your Brand - Be the Architect of your Operations

  • Rolling programme of Masterclasses to follow.


  • You'll be invited to join to our private facebook group, moderated by me. We have a growing network of smart founders just like you.
  • We differ from the much-loved facebook community on 'The Food Hub' in 2 fundamental ways: 

A. Members come from a wider range of grocery categories that include not only food and bev but also cleaning, nappies, household etc. Each offers a different perspective, support & inspiration, connections and more. You wouldn't believe what a baby food brand and a baby cutlery brand can learn from each other, when one is selling in retail and the other only online... the perfect partners. Or a dairy company and an oat milk company - both learning the category arguments that their 'competition' is sharing with the average retail buyer. You get the picture...it's competitive collaboration at its best

B. We don't discuss operational questions such as where to get packaging/lids/other types of equipment. 

  • You'll also get access to our BONUS CONTENT, including *secret knowledge* shared by Brand Growth Heroes podcast guests, only available to Brand Growth Bootcamp members!
  • We'll have special guests giving us free information sessions throughout the year, such as amazon and google advertising specialists, market research specialists, and companies that offer all kinds of help to brands at your stage.

There's an easier way to grow your brand. Brand Growth Bootcamp gives you the tools and expertise to build a successful grocery brand, at a fraction of the pain.

Have some questions?

1. I'm already in so many groups! How is Brand Growth Bootcamp private members group truly different to other facebook groups I am part of?

Our private members group chews on questions you have around:

  • Who should I be targeting? Who is my consumer, shopper?
  • Which channels and customers should I be targeting?
  • Is my brand or product proposition unique, appealing, convincing?
  • Which regions or geographies should I be targeting?
  • Have I got the right marketing mix across Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Packaging, Service?
  • How do I create great marketing and sales plans?

We DON'T focus on the operational side of business such as where to get packaging/lids/other types of equipment. 

I post challenges, questions and inspiration, and other members of our community post answers, help and support.

2. I'm not using the material as much as I hoped, can I cancel?

  • Yes, you can cancel your PayPal subscription at any time

3. I'm a consultant, agency or other supplier to consumer packaged goods brands. I'd love to join the Masterclasses subscription and your private group, is that possible?

  • Brand Growth Bootcamp and related material is a space for founders of CPG brands exclusively.
  • We would be delighted to discuss opportunities to collaborate with agencies, consultants and freelancers.
  • Please contact Fiona directly if you'd like to discuss other opportunities to collaborate! 



What do founders who've worked with Fiona say?

Fiona will challenge your thinking and you'll also learn from fellow entrepreneurs. I promise you will not be disappointed with what you will gain from your investment!

David L.

'Time with you is like gold dust - you are seriously undercharging for your programmes. I wish now I hadn't spent all that money on my MBA - I've learned more with you over the past 6 weeks than I've learned in 10 years and I've been CEO of 3 companies'

Ed B.

I have been working with Fiona for 8 weeks now and feel that I have great clarify and renewed purpose. In these troubling and very competitive times, Fiona is just the solution to challenge your thinking and drive your business forward. Her programmes are excellent - highly recommend!

Susan G, Pep & Lekker


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